Citizens’ Climate Lobby has easy-to-use tools you can use any time to ask the President and Congress to take action on climate. And unlike many other groups, they allow you to opt-out of getting on their email list when you use their tool, so you don’t have to increase your email burden!

Use the link below to contact your Senator, Congressperson, or President Biden and urge them to pass bold climate policies (such as a price on carbon) that reach the critical goal of 50% emissions reductions by 2030, opening a path toward meeting our aspirations under the Paris Climate Accord.


Follow the easy instructions to email your elected officials or President Biden. If you are feeling ambitious, you can do both! The more voters they hear from, the more likely it is that Congress and the President will find a way to pass climate policies that truly meet the moment.

Many powerful interests are fighting to weaken and derail these efforts. YOU can help by letting Congress and the President know you want them to pass sweeping, bold action tackling the climate crisis!

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