One of the most high-impact actions you can take towards decarbonizing is to electrify your machines. This is because electric motors are much more efficient than fossil fuel-fed motors at converting energy into useful work. In addition, we have proven technologies for producing carbon-free electricity.

This month’s action is to take a step toward electrifying your home or vehicle(s). Below are TWO actions, from inexpensive to ambitious. Please choose one and take it!

ACTION ONE: Download Redwood Energy’s 2-page Summary of All-Electric Retrofits for your home, and choose a home retrofit action to take:


ACTION TWO: Take Rewiring America’s Pledge to Electrify! They have great resources on the benefits of electrification as well as guidance on top actions to take. When you take the pledge, you’ll be notified about new electrification news and resources, which are all free.


If you’d like to learn more about the vital role of electrification in climate action, or are considering an electric vehicle for your next car, we’re providing some additional resources below:

Adele Peters, Every new car and truck in the U.S. can be electric by 2035, Fast Company, April 15, 2021
The 14 Best electric vehicles of 2022, Rate Genius, January 3, 2022
Most fossil fuel energy is wasted–New analysis shows how to fix this!, Power Up for Climate Solutions blog, August 28, 2020
Rewiring America: Electrify Everything In Your Home Guide
Saul Griffith, 12-minute video: One Billion Machines that will Electrify America


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