About Us

Our mission is to give you ideas, resources, and inspiration to help you take action on climate change 

We offer simple, impactful climate actions you can take. We provide accessible, engaging, accurate information on the climate crisis and climate solutions. We share ideas about building resilience in the face of growing climate instability and greater climate change-fueled impacts. Join now to get started!

Mission & Story

We are passionate about facing and addressing the climate crisis, and understand that we are alive at a critical time. Technological breakthroughs and local policy successes demonstrate that we have the tools to lessen the climate crisis, but we are not acting quickly or boldly enough, and we are out of time. We are here to provide anyone who worries about the future with resources to help them take action and find ways to engage in ways that feel meaningful. We are especially dedicated to helping people who feel overwhelmed, that they don’t know enough to act, or they don’t know what will make a difference.

Power Up for Climate Solutions was founded in 2018 with a primary focus on climate actions to build momentum for national and international action. In 2021, we expanded our focus to include personal, local, and state climate actions.

Who We Are

Carla Wise is a plant conservation biologist, climate solutions advocate and writer. She has a master’s degree in environmental policy from Yale and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado.  In 2006, she began writing about climate change and in 2013, she began advocating for climate policy action with Citizens’ Climate Lobby. In 2018, she founded Power Up for Climate Solutions.

Many people have given their time, ideas, and talents to this effort: we started with a wonderful Board of Directors which has now been dissolved as we are no longer taking donations.  Numerous interns from Oregon State University have also contributed, including April Vogt, Carlos Rodas, Nick Fleetwood, Cassidy Layton, Aoi Ueda, Zoe Hershenson, Claire Watkins, Jessica Moore, Lauryn Guyton-Moore, and Melissa Carson.

Special thanks to:

Mark M. Van Steeter for his many images used on our website.

Amy Hollswandner for logo design, color palette and typeface selection.

Nikki Nolan for website design, IT assistance, and continuing IT support.