About Us

Our mission is to give you the information, inspiration, and tools you need to help solve the climate crisis 

We offer simple, high-impact monthly climate actions you can take. We provide accessible, engaging, accurate information on climate change and climate solutions. We share success stories and news about climate progress to help you imagine what solving the climate crisis will look like. Join now to get started!

Mission & Story

We are passionate about tackling climate change, and understand that we are alive at a critical time. As technological breakthroughs and local policy successes demonstrate that we have the tools to tackle the climate crisis, emissions continue to rise. We are not acting quickly or boldly enough, and we are out of time. We are here to provide anyone who worries about the future with resources to help them engage in promoting climate solutions.  We are especially dedicated to helping people who feel they don’t know enough to act, they don’t know what will make a difference, or they feel overwhelmed. We choose simple climate actions and honest, accessible information…

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Who We Are

Executive Director Carla Wise is a plant conservation biologist, climate solutions advocate and writer. She has a master’s degree in environmental policy from Yale and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado.  In 2006, she began writing about climate change and in 2013, she became a climate solutions advocate. Power Up for Climate Solutions has a talented and passionate Board of Directors with experience in academia, business, non-profit organizations and healthcare. We have also benefited from amazing undergraduate interns from Oregon State University…

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