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We provide tools, information and inspiration to help you take action on climate change

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To provide information, inspiration and tools to help you take action on climate

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Our Lastest Monthly Action

  • November 15, 2021


    It’s crunch time for climate action! Let’s get loud. This is how Citizens’ Climate Lobby is headlining their urgent call to action. President Biden is still negotiating with Congress to determine which climate provisions will be in the Budget Reconciliation Package they are working on...

    Carla W

Lastest Blog Posts

  • September 24, 2021

    Guest Blog: What each of us can do about climate change

    Most people are aware that climate has changed around the world. Fires in Greece, California, and Siberia; flooding in Belgium, China, Germany; and record-breaking temperatures in too many places to name. The cause of all this: added gases to the atmosphere (called “greenhouse gases”) that ho

    Henry Slack
  • July 6, 2021

    Power Up for Climate Solutions is back!

    It’s good to be back! After five months off from climate advocacy following the train wreck known as 2020, our organization is coming back online. Thank you for sticking with Power Up for Climate Solutions during the break. I hope that you are feeling some...

    Carla W
  • December 14, 2020

    We are taking a winter break!

    Power Up for Climate Solutions is taking a winter break. It’s time for us to rest, reassess, and realign our efforts with the rapidly evolving social, political, and climate landscape of 2021. For the next few months we are pausing our monthly actions, blog posts, and...

    Carla W

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