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Power Up for Climate Solutions is here to help you participate in enacting climate solutions. We’re here to offer accessible, high-impact actions you can take. We’re here to provide engaging, accurate, useful information on climate change and climate change solutions. Sign up today to get started!

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We have nearly everything we need to start addressing the climate crisis. First, we have the majority:  at least two-thirds of Americansnow understand that climate change is happening and threatens our health, safety, and future. Most of us support climate solutions including regulating greenhouse gas emissions, government spending on renewable energy,  pricing carbon emissions,  and other measures to fight climate change.

Second, we know what to do: A remarkable scientific and policy consensus has emerged on the steps we need to take to begin restoring climate stability. The top-priority steps—dramatically increasing energy efficiency, dramatically increasing renewable energy, rapidly electrifying everything, and pursuing negative emissions (removing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere with steps like growing trees and sequestering carbon in soils)—are clear. We have the knowledge, technology, and tools to begin taking all these actions. 

So what is still missing? Most of us, the majority who want to solve climate change, simply need to find ways to participate. You do not need to become a climate expert or devote your life to this; Power Up for Climate Solutions is here to help by offering accessible, effective, and diverse actions delivered to your inbox that help solve climate change. We’re here to educate you about the key facts, choices, and opportunities so you can participate in preserving a world where life can thrive for generations to come. We’re here to contribute to a more unified, inclusive, effective climate movement and harness our collective energy to tackle climate change. Sign up today to get started!

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  • We work daily to keep up on all the latest climate news.
  • We are solution-focused. We believe envisioning a positive future inspires us to take action.
  • We will never share or sell our mailing list. Many of our climate actions will be through another climate organization’s website. To stay off their list, simply unsubscribe from their site when you take the action. 
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