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We offer simple, high-impact monthly climate actions you can take. We provide accessible, engaging, accurate information on climate change and climate solutions. We share success stories and news about climate progress to help you imagine what solving the climate crisis will look like. Join now to get started!

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Why Power Up for Climate Solutions?

We have nearly everything we need to start addressing the climate crisis. First, we have the majority: at least two-thirds of Americans now understand that climate change is happening and threatens our health, safety, and future. Most of us also support regulating greenhouse gas emissions, government spending on renewable energy, pricing carbon emissions, and other high impact climate solutions.

Second, we know what to do:A remarkable scientific and policy consensus has emerged on the steps we need to take to begin restoring climate stability. The top-priority steps—dramatically increasing energy efficiency, dramatically increasing renewable energy, rapidly electrifying everything, and pursuing negative emissions (pulling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with steps like growing trees and sequestering carbon in soils)—are clear (learn more here). There is also an emerging consensus on the most effective policies to get us there.

So what is still missing? More of us simply need to find ways to participate. More people is how we build the social and political will to enact policies to rapidly bring down greenhouse gas emissions and contain the climate crisis. You don’t need to be a climate expert or devote your life to this; Power Up for Climate Solutions is here to help you take action by offering accessible, effective, and diverse actions delivered to your inbox. We’re here to educate you about the key facts, choices, and opportunities so you can contribute more to preserving a world where life can thrive for generations to come. We’re here to inspire you to contribute to a bigger, more inclusive, more engaged and effective climate movement and harness our collective energy to tackle climate change. Sign up today to get started!


Since 2013, I’ve been a climate solutions advocate. Solving climate change is something I am passionate about, something I think about every day. I sometimes collaborate with a small group of people who are similarly climate-obsessed, but we know that most people’s primary focus lies elsewhere. For years, I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances that they too are worried about climate change and would like to do something but feel overwhelmed, guilty, they don’t know enough, or don’t know where to start. They–and you–are the reason Power Up for Climate Solutions was created!

We believe that every person who cares about climate change (the majority of us) would like to find simple, effective ways to support climate solutions. We also believe that climate solutions cannot be enacted at the speed and scale needed to prevent catastrophic climate change that threatens human health, wellbeing, and all we depend on, unless many more of us find ways to engage very soon. Power Up for Climate Solutions was created to connect people who want to do more with the information, resources, and tools you need to contribute to solving the climate crisis. We are here for everyone, but especially for those who are not climate experts and are looking for simple, impactful actions and accurate, accessible information on climate change and climate solutions.