Why you haven’t been hearing from me lately

My dear blog readers, I’m sorry I’ve been communicating so infrequently in recent months. I think I owe you an explanation.

It’s not that there is no climate news to share — haha, wouldn’t that be a nice change? It’s not because of any big drama in my life or at Power Up for Climate Solutions. I think a biggest reason I’ve been struggling to compose communications is the dramatic explosion in the quality and quantity of climate communicators, analysts, and activists in the 5 years since we founded Power Up for Climate Solutions. I find myself awed by many of the climate resources being produced today; I also feel uncertain about what I can add that’s unique and valuable.

This is a really great problem to have. Since 2018, we’ve seen a dramatic, heart-warming blossoming of the climate movement. Individuals and organizations have emerged, and they are doing great work and producing great content. New voices, organizations, podcasts, newsletters, and resources of all kinds are available, and established organizations like Natural Resources Defense Council and Union of Concerned Scientists are producing top notch climate analysis and actions as well. I’m incredibly happy about this, yet I find myself questioning what to post on this blog. So I thought I’d start something new: simply connecting you to my favorite people, resources and organizations.

I’ll start by recommending two:

“Talking Climate” is a weekly newsletter from climate scientist and communicator Dr. Kathrine Hayhoe. It began about 10 months ago, and all issues are accessible on LinkedIn; what I love about it is that each issue includes good news, bad news, and ideas for something you can do. It’s short enough to read in just a few minutes, and of course it’s free. You can find it and subscribe to it on LinkedIn.

Rewiring America is an organization founded to help America electrify everything. They have an extraordinary array of resources to help you learn about electrification and its crucial role in decarbonizing. They also have tons of tools to help you electrify your home and car, and reports on all aspects of electrification. Start by going to their Electrification Planner or use their IRA savings calculator to learn how much money you can get with the Inflation Reduction Act incentives. Or just go to their website and look around–it’s pretty impressive!

I hope you enjoy checking these out. Taking a little time each week or each month to learn about climate solutions is a great way to begin taking action. And if you have any favorite climate communicators or climate resources, please write back and tell me about them!


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  • Josh Gutwill
    February 23, 2024 at 6:05 pm

    Hi Carla,
    I want to recommend Climate One to your readers. It’s a weekly podcast that’s doing really excellent work in climate communications. I’ve learned a ton from listening to them. Maybe you’d want to recommend them to your readers?

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