Here are two great ways to help elect climate champions! With this action, we offer two options to promote the election of climate champions to federal and state government.

Option ONE: Sign up with the Environmental Voter Project, dedicated to identifying inactive environmentalists and transforming them into consistent voters. The Environmental Voter Project provides opportunities to encourage the most climate aware people to become consistent voters in critical swing states. Their work is data-driven and has been highly impactful in recent years.

The link below will take you to their “Get Involved” page, where you can sign up to join their volunteer email list, or for a specific campaign.

Environmental Voter Project

Option TWO: Help elect climate champions by making donations through Give Green. Give Green provides a strategic way to support candidates who will advance just solutions to the climate crisis by providing a platform to donate to candidates they have screened for their commitment to climate action. To take this action, click the button below, select candidates, and make a donation in any amount.

Give Green


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