Who We Are

Power Up for Climate Solutions is an Oregon nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.


Founder and Executive Director


Carla is a plant conservation biologist, climate solutions advocate and writer. She has a master’s degree in environmental policy from Yale and a Ph.D. in biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Since 2006, she has been writing about climate change, agriculture, and environmental issues. In 2013, she helped launch the Corvallis Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to building political will for a livable world; she has served as a congressional liaison and founded the progressive outreach action team, and continues to serve as chapter co-leader. In 2016, she published Awake on Earth: Facing Climate Change with Sanity and Grace, a book about finding positive responses to the climate crisis.

In 2018, with the scientific warnings growing ever more urgent, the impacts more catastrophic, and the political news in the U.S. more discouraging, she resolved to find a way to offer those concerned about the climate but not highly involved in climate advocacy simple yet high-value ways to take action for climate solutions.

Carla’s belief that the most critical change we need to tackle this crisis is participation by more people who already understand the basic facts and care led her to found Power Up For Climate Solutions.


JEN MYERS, Board President
-Instructor in Sustainability, Oregon State University

Jen Myers (she/her/hers) is an instructor in the Sustainability Double Degree Program at Oregon State University. She has a master’s in Environmental Ethics and is currently completing her doctoral degree in Sustainability Education. Jen has significant experience in the non-profit sector developing local food systems. She has studied decolonizing re-localization efforts in communities throughout the world and sees her role as an ally to frontline communities working for climate justice. Joining her voice with others coping with climate grief and anxiety, Jen serves on the Board of Power Up for Climate Solutions to help envision and enact the transition to a resilient, post-carbon future.

PHIL HARDING, Ph.D., Board Secretary
-Director of Technology and Sustainability, Willamette Falls Paper Company

Dr. Phil Harding serves as the Director of Technology and Sustainability for Willamette Falls Paper Company, where he leads development of of environmentally-friendly paper grades.  He has been active in climate-related topics for years, with a focus on addressing the problem at its source: the use of fossil fuels.  He realizes there are significant obstacles to effecting change, but believes in both the power of inspiration and positive techno-economic effects of addressing climate change.  He is on the Board of Power Up to support its objectives of increasing activism.

AMY M. CARD, M.D., Board Member
-OB Hospitalist, Salem Health Medical Group

Dr. Amy Card comes to Power Up for Climate Solutions as just the kind of person we hope to inspire and to empower.  She wasn’t previously active in the climate change movement, but in recent years she has become more and more concerned about the catastrophic effects on our health and security from human-caused global warming. For some time, she has been taking steps to lower her carbon footprint through lifestyle choices. Now, through Power Up for Climate Solutions she wants to help folks make an impact individually, locally, and globally.

MARK M. VAN STEETER, Ph.D., Board Member
-Chair, Dept. of Geography and Sustainability, Western Oregon University

Dr. Mark Van Steeter is a professor in the department of Geography & Sustainability at Western Oregon University.  He holds a master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Yale university and a Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Colorado.  He believes that people will only protect what they love, so the underlying goal of his 22 years of teaching has been to nurture a passion for the world in his students.  He has found that students are usually eager to be part of the solution regarding climate change, but they do not know what to do.  He is on the board of Power up for Climate Solutions because he believes the organization is an essential catalyst for guiding public action.



CARLA A. WISE, Ph.D., Board Member

See bio above for Executive Director


April Vogt
April has a passion for climate and atmospheric science, and is completing a B.S. degree in climate science at Oregon State University this fall. Her future career goals are to work in the field of climate and atmospheric science. She hopes to promote innovation and solutions that protect life, property, and the environment. April is currently developing a microchip that turns smartphones into highly accurate weather stations (for mesoscale weather and climate forecasting) while also fighting for policies and solutions that protect our climate and reduce anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.

Past Interns: Carlos Rodas, Nick Fleetwood, Cassidy Layton, Aoi Ueda, Zoe Hershenson, Claire Watkins, Jessica Moore, Lauryn Guyton-Moore, and Melissa Carson.



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Power Up for Climate Solutions partners with the Union of Concerned Scientists as a local allied group.