In August, 2022, President Biden signed the biggest climate law in U.S. history–the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Incentives in this law will make electrifying and decarbonizing your household a lot cheaper. REWIRING AMERICA has created a savings calculator which shows how you can use the new climate law to electrify, shift to clean energy, and make your home more energy-efficient. (This action will take less than 5 minutes!)

Use Savings Calculator to find your clean energy incentives!


Why this action is important: The IRA’s provisions are aimed at speeding the U.S. clean energy transition, lowering household energy costs, saving lives, and creating good-paying jobs. The incentives are available through a variety of pathways, with some immediately accessible, and some coming on line as regulations are written and states set up implementation. You are or will soon be eligible for incentives for such products as solar panels, electric vehicles, battery back-up power, electric appliances, energy-saving products, and more. Some incentives benefit renters, some focus on lower income households, and some are available now. To use the incentives, which have been designed to save you money, lower your carbon footprint, and improve your health and comfort, you have to know about them!


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