Clean energy has a tipping point, and 87 countries have reached it

Tom Randall – Bloomberg Green, 10/18/22

How fast is the world switching to renewables? 87 countries now draw at least 5% of their electricity from renewables. The U.S hit 5% in 2011 and surged past 20% renewable electricity last year. Bloomberg Green has identified tipping points for 10 clean-energy technologies, and analyzed which countries have crossed these thresholds and how quickly their markets have expanded once they were reached.



America’s renewable energy sources produced more electricity than coal every day for 40 days straight

Jason Murdock – Newsweek, 5/5/20

Renewable sources including solar, wind and hydropower generated more electricity than coal-based plants every single day in April, a new report says.¬†Analysis based on data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), said the finding marks a major “milestone” in an energy transition that is now underway…