Monthly Actions

We often wonder “What can I do to help fight climate change?”

There are A TON of things we can do! Some are big and require a lot of you, and some are small and simple. We choose actions we believe will make a difference.  Most of them are quick and we hope you will take them! 

Help Save the Forests by Switching to Recycled Paper Products or Alternatives!

May 2019 

 Will you make the switch?

Bonus Action: Urge Charmin to Go Recycled!

Ask your Members of Congress to SUPPORT and PASS the EICDA (H.R. 763) 

April 2019 

 Passing this bill offers one of the best avenues to quickly reduce America’s emissions while helping middle- and low-income families. It does not preclude enacting other policies at the state and federal level.Please urge your Members of Congress to support and pass this bill!

Pledge to Vote for the Climate! 

 March 2019 

The climate needs your vote! Not just in presidential elections, but in small elections too. Nathaniel Stinnett, the founder of the Environmental Voter Project, recently wrote: “The climate crisis will likely be won or lost not in a laboratory, but on the political battlefield. If we’ve learned anything in the last two years, it’s that voting matters and elections have consequences. The next two years will define our path.” Pledge to vote for the climate.   

Pledge your Support for the EICDA and the GND! 

February 2019

Momentum for national action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change is building. THIS IS IMPORTANT, HOPEFUL NEWS! If enough of us push for action and support existing proposals, we can pass strong, effective climate solutions legislation by 2020. The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (H.R. 763) would place a steadily rising fee on carbon emissions and return the money carbon dividends in equal shares to households. The Green New Deal proposes a ten-year WWII style mobilization on climate change. Pledge to support both. 

 Tell the New Congress to Act on Climate Change! 

  January 2019  

January 2 was new Congress’s first day in office. With all the chaos and distractions Congress is facing, it’s up to us to keep their focus on climate action, and to urge them to work constructively and develop impactful solutions that can be enacted quickly. Tell your Members of Congress to make climate action their top priority over the next two years.